Each Winter, following the Christmas holidays and New Year’s, I’ve got to admit Cabin Fever can overcome me. It’s hard to get my bearings, it’s difficult to relax and open up to the Universe. Instead, many weeks are dreary – the short days, the dank weather…but this year was overwhelming.

After almost 9 days of clouds and rain, Kelli and have been watching our backyard at Cate Cabana become Lochwood Lake. Lots of folks in East Tennessee have had damage to their homes and many schools are closed because of water damage and roads destroyed by mud slides.

Nevertheless, it was great to wake up to sunshine this morning. We truly haven’t seen a sky like this in weeks.

It was warm and windy this morning as the storm front moved East and left us with a gorgeous morning. I was glad to get back outside and capture some of the water flow along the Holston River and The Greenbelt. Not sure I’ll ever see such a water level in the future – at least I hope not.