One of the most exciting new projects under construction in the City of Kingsport is the Town Park Lofts on the corner of Sullivan Street and Clinchfield.

Over the past several months, I’ve been documenting the progress of this site with the drone and fascinated by the construction and the new opportunities for our community and visitors to Downtown Kingsport.

Somewhere in my deep archive of photographs are the moment when Oakwood Markets held a grand opening of their Sullivan Street store. As one of Kingsport’s last locally owned grocery stores, I remember how proud Raymond Galyon was about this location. He had a right to be too – as I recall, it’s one of the only grocery stores that had a waterfall cascading from a brick facade on top of the roof entrance.

Over the years, that location was home to many temporary retail locations and eventually dematerialized into one of Kingsport’s worst eye-sores at the result of a destructive fire that gutted the building in 2017.

Since then Town Park Lofts has been building a gorgeous new luxury apartment complex that will be home to some of the most distinctive apartments in East Tennessee and will also include retail shops. These shops will be similar to many locations which combine both residents and retail in a social environment that is both dynamic and communal. Indeed, a right combination too since the apartments are located close to Downtown merchants, Kingsport’s Chamber of Commerce, the Farmer’s Market and Ballad’s Wellmont Hospital.

Below is another monthly update for the work project shot on October 30, 2018.