Earlier today, I had the pleasure of meeting with sculpture artist Val Lyle as she was preparing the new Sentinel bronze statue in Kingsport’s Veteran’s Memorial.

For the past several months, Val and community leaders from the City of Kingsport, Tri-Cities Military Affairs Council, Your Kingsport Chamber and many others have been working on this stunning sculpture set for dedication on Veteran’s Day next Monday, November 12th.

Val is originally from Johnson City and has traveled around most of the United States curating her talent and recently located to Bristol, TN. That’s where she has been working on this lifelike and detailed bronze memorial. You have to see this up close to appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of this amazing gift to the City of Kingsport.

It’s the perfect honor guard too for Kingsport’s Veteran’s Memorial. Don’t miss the dedication Monday, November 12th at 11 am.