After a couple of cancellations due to weather, The City of Kingsport and Kingsport Parks and Recreation held their dedication of the Netherland Inn Bridge extension on Friday, July 28th, 2017.

The bridge was built back in 2016 and has been in use since then. It’s a 1200 wooden boardwalk that acts as a connecter to Netherland Inn Road and in extends the path to Rotherwood Drive.

Mayor John Clark, City Manager Jeff Fleming and several spokesmen for TDOT were on hand to commemorate the project which began some five years ago with a grant from the Department of Transportation of $652,000.

This completion is another step to continue the evolution of the Greenbelt and I particularly like one of the comments made during the press conference. This connection links the history of Exchange Place to the Rotherwood Mansion.


Attached is a gallery of photos from the press conference and a few drone shots from earlier in the year.