In a way, I felt like Chevy Chase at Wally World. I had traveled over 1,000 miles to come to Emerson’s house and the first morning (a Tuesday), this is the sign that welcome me as I walked to his front gate.

It’s been a long time since my last blog post. I bet that phrase is the most oft-repeated statement on the web these days.

Life is speeding up. Our 24 hour turn has a lot more distractions these days and my life is no exception. Between the re-adjustment to family life, the hyper-speed of modern business and a zillion interesting nodes on the web and my smartphone appendage – I’ve been swamped.

Nevertheless, time to try again and reanimate my personal blog. While thinking out loud, it may that I stress too much about the words. Fret about the grammar, the context. After all, my wife is a professional and I shiver to think she’s find an elementary grade of thought on this life narrative.

Time to put the critic behind. Some of these posts will be lucid, while others will ramble on in a conversational approach moving forward. At best, I hope it cultures a dialog between my thoughts and any readers that bestow their time upon these lines.

One of the things that rekindled my blognostic angst was the review of old photos this past week. I’ve got a ton of old photos. As a digital hoarder, my collection realistically goes back two decades. Now that I’m using Adobe Lightroom as my main photo archive tool, it makes it easier for me to go through those old images, color correct theme and repost them.

My first nostalgic journey into the past brings me back to October of 2006. That’s the time I ventured to Concord Massachusetts to visit my literary inspiration Ralph Waldo Emerson. I’ve yet to recant that experience as most every moment is still vivid in my memory. From the Catskills, across the state, two nights in Emerson’s home town, a walk around Walden and finale at Cape Code and Provincetown.

I’ve shared several of my favorite photos here and hope to share the full-length memory of this amazing trip at some point in the future. For now, it just seemed to be a good lunge into a rekindled and amendment to my last blog post regarding the Walden rocks.