Earlier this week, John and Angela Vachon were showing available business spaces available in Downtown Kingsport. They both have accumulated a lot of interesting locations with their company Urban Synergy. They also do an amazing job at renovating some of Kingsport’s old buildings into a hip Urban charm that is starting to set apart our small industrial age row of antique and consignment shops.

One of the buildings they presented to me was recently taken over and they’ve started to gut the building of old fixtures, cabinets, lighting and carpet. As they pulled up the carpet, an old logo appeared on the floor that has become somewhat of a mystery for me and others.

It measures about 15 feet long and looks to be a letter “K” surround by a possible abstract “d” and a “p.” Unfortunately though, nobody has come up with a good guess as to what it might be. After all the building is problem close to sixty years old and there have been plenty of tenants over the years.

Nevertheless, here’s the image. If you have a guess, I’m all ears. Let’s see if we can solve this mystery.

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