This past weekend, I was caught up another one of Nature’s details in the middle of a Virginia pasture along the Virginia Creeper Trail.

It was a crisp Saturday morning with no one around for miles and one my favorite musicians of the animal kingdom was echoing a glorious mashup of some of the greatest songs of the South.

The Mockingbird is one of my favorite sounds near to hear in Tennessee and Virginia and this mimic was jumping up and down in the top of a cedar tree reveling in the warm air. It appeared to have a nest, but I marveled for about 30 minutes at the range of songs and melodies this bird brought to my morning ride.

There must have been a hundred different sounds this little bard sang that morning and I was amazed at the reverie and the color which this little guy added to the day before darting off into a field to look for more food.

Enjoy this little serenade…