IMG_1910_large_verge_medium_landscapePaul Miller is coming back to the Internet after almost a year off-line. I dont suppose he’s going to come back with an epiphanies from the hallowed halls of sanctuary, but he’s already inspired a few ideas for me.

Paul is a writer for The Verge. This is one my many online tech feeds I watch with interest. Besides their elegant design, the articles and content curation they provide stands out above the rest.

One of the most interesting articles that fell across my social stream last year was about the fact Paul was going to vanish from the Internet for a year….and keep his job!

Since Paul is a journalist, I thought it would be interesting to follow his stories as life without a connection might give him a different perspective – besides, I secretly admire him for having the luxury.

Well Paul has been offline for a year now and it looks like he’s excited to get jacked back into the Matrix. In fact, the programmers at The Verge have developed an app that’s counting him down to that day – 12:00:01 AM on May 1st.

Watching Paul’s posts have been enlightening too. First, I like his candid honesty – that’s something I’m going to strive for in the coming days. There’s something interesting about reading something that is transparent and real. Paul wrestles with dating, music, porn and a buffet of other digital things that have just become a part of our everyday life. I especially enjoyed his recent post on dating – my own will be coming up shortly.

I’m sure they’ll plan a party too. Paul’s departure was recorded on YouTube last year, so I expect the return to be even more of a welcome back party.