The Northeast Tennessee Media Group has an amazing online audience.

Made up of two daily newspapers, a few weeklies and several other branded websites from homes, cars and moms, the regional network provides interesting insights into the Internet activity for this corner of the state. In fact, over 500,000 unique visitors are recorded every month.

Recently, one of our clients was curious about mobile traffic and we were reviewing data that paints an interesting portrait of mobile devices.

Mobile traffic has surged across all platforms as smartphones rival television viewership for time spent on the screen.

What’s intriguing is the parade of devices used to access the web.

It’s amazing to see how much of the audience are on Apple devices. iPads have taken the leads with iPhones running a close second.

Other than the iPad, the highest profiled tablet computer is the Google Nexus and the most interesting device is the Barnes and Noble Nook which shows up in the 36th spot on the list.

Over the last month, here’s the survey of top 50 devices.

Any surprises here? Do you see your phone or tablet?

Top 25 Mobile Devices


Top 26 to 50 Mobile Devices