A got up late today with my mind swimming in a sea of memories and gratitude for another year. There are reflections of the past, uncertainties about the future and some of the most interesting new possibilities ahead.

The end of the year is one of my favorite holidays and this year is no exception. I’ve carrying alot of gratitude and questions into 2013 and along with an amazing new circle of friends and family – the New Year has lots of possibilities.

Guess that’s why I’m spending more time on the mountain over the past few days looking for a muse, hoping to hear something in the silence I suppose.

It’s been said that winter is nature’s ultimate form of minimalism. That suggestion keeps me longing for time away with the satisfaction that scenery like this can provide.

I’ll be performing with Folk Soul Revival tomorrow night for New Years Eve. It won’t be in the arms of anyone and that’s unfortunate. However, it’s a celebration of a great year playing music and I look forward to the moment.

That’s why I had to catch one more sunset and these moments always satisfy.

I hope you have a great New Year and box everything up for your closet of memories and look forward to the doorway of new possibilities in the New Year.

Happy New Year everyone!