Mayor Dennis Phillips and Andy Brooks
Mayor Dennis Phillips and Andy Brooks

I took this photo of Kingsport Mayor Dennis Phillips and Kingsport native son Andy Brooks at the Press Room near Food City in Downtown Kingsport on Tuesday, December 18th. We were gathered together for a morning sales meeting with Town and Country Realty and I couldn’t resist capturing these two characters together as they were talking before the meeting.

Dennis and Andy were all smiles in their holiday ties. Andy was particularly proud since the tie he was wearing was a tie which belonged to his father Charlie Brooks.

Andy’s family has a long legacy among Kingsport’s history. His great grandfather, Harvey Brooks built Allandale. Charlie ran a successful hardware company called Citizens Supply and Andy has plenty of property in Kingsport which he still manages including the Town and Country Realty company.

These two men continue to make up some of favorite memories in Kingsport. They’re both outspoken, honest and extremely bright. They speak their mind and value their friendships like the truest gentlemen.

I was there to introduce the new Town and Country website we’re getting ready to launch soon and was inspired by Andy’s comments. He mentioned hasn’t always been proud of Kingsport, especially with previous administrations. However, he paid a tremendous compliment to Dennis and reassured everyone in attendance that he’s never been more proud of the contributions of Kingsport’s government and made the final exhortation to Dennis for the upcoming Mayor race to…run “one more time.”

I hope so. Dennis has been a tremendous mayor for our community.