I have a very short-list of revered musicians. Sorting through the deck, Sting has always been a poet and spirt who continues to inspire as he shape–shifts through the years.

A video appeared this evening from my addictive attachment to the screen and there he was celebrating his 60th birthday (recorded October 11, 2011 at the Beacon Theatre), on stage with Herbie Hancock. Another link and Stevie WonderLady Gaga. Yet another – Bruce Springsteen. Seems there are others who have respect for the Englishman known in his normal personna as Gordon Sumner and what a way to celebrate your “6…0.”

Sting is also celebrating 25 years of his solo career from his departure from The Police with a new box-set.

Although the songs are deeply satisfying to both my taste in lyric and music, Sting’s depth intrigues me most. I enjoyed his book ‘Broken Music’ and find his philosophy just as memorable as his music.

Like a sage, he may be long remembered for his intimacy exhibited in more ways than just being a rock star.

Here in this video from Time Magazine, Sting answers 10 questions at the sixty milestone.

My favorite quotes are certainly “You don’t play music to become rich and famous
You play music because it feeds your soul.”

It’s important to note that Sting’s father, a milkman still has a strong current in his conversations. A death bed compliment is most through-provoking to anyone who will walk this path toward the end…

“You used your hands better than me.”

Another worthy 4 minutes…

“When you have more past than you have future – everything is more intense”