In our modern world, politicians are often elected because of their connections and to some degree the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Hard hitting volleys, conspiracy headlines and fierce ridicule not only makes the game combative, but often times confusing.

Here in Kingsport, our agency Times Digital Group recently worked with the Ben Mallicote campaign to develop a series of commercials that captures the distinctive reasons why Ben would be the best candidate as State Representative for our region.

Personally, I couldn’t be more supportive for Ben. I’ve watched him mature over the past several years as both an attorney and a public servant on the Board of Mayor and Alderman. He’s a young, intelligent and passionate candidate who aligns his experience behind representatives and community leaders that have brought many positive changes for our home in East Tennessee.

My own reasons for endorsing Ben relate to what I know about him and his opponent. These distinctions are made regarding his persistence, his frankness and eternal optimism that seems to soar at a different altitude than most candidates. He’s polite, attentive, dependable and most of all, he carries a tremendous amount of character carved along with some of the best leaders in our community.

Ben is an excellent choice for State Representative for Kingsport and there’s no doubt he has a bright future in politics and I’m honored to know him and work with him as he seeks this opportunity.

It’s not going to be an easy race either. Ben has a tremendous challenge with a tightly connected Republican opponent. This challenger works hard, knows the ropes and has a network of obligated politicians and benefactors who are helping to fuel his re-election campaign. Most importantly though, the two candidates (like the upcoming presidential campaign) – couldn’t be more different from each other and I invite you to pay attention to the distinctions over the next several weeks.

I look forward to working with Ben and his team. We’ve got a lot a stake for our region and I couldn’t imagine a better representative than this impressive candidate.

Kudos to Kanishka Biddanda for the great planning on this project and Matthew Carroll and Jared Bentley who helped synthesize the imagery and audio. Let the campaign begin!