Perhaps it’s the volume of noise from the outside world that has me struggling with a voice for my blog these days. Work has been hectic and the chaos seems to overtake me at times. The tweets, Facebook posts, Google Plus feeds, blogs and the shear volume of “Me-dia” has frozen my thoughts and it’s been a real struggle.

There’s so damn much to keep up with anymore, it’s become a real challenge to keep up with my personal goal to write more often in 2012.

I’ve read so many suggestions to cure this apathy and/or creative block too. The first of which is, just write. That is to say, shut-up your inner dialog, stop looking at your delete button, forget the editor for a while and write the damn words. Good advice. Hard to force.

Thankfully, a few of my friend’s (old and new) blogs have me inspired me this evening with their personal and colorful thoughts well-crafted into a honest collection of meaning. Unfortunately, now my promise to go to bed early has me digging deep into their threads and I’m back to scripting my thoughts.

My high-school friend Rick Hill has a wonderful blog treetrunkdings where he quips on media, politics, science, economics and he’s got such a broad spectrum of topics that it makes me want to drink a bottle of wine with him to revisit some old memories from our times in high school together in the Sullivan Central band.

Earlier this year, I met Kelli Welborn with Mike Faulk at the Kingsport Chamber Annual Dinner. We shared a Facebook friend request and it’s been a delight to see her honest posts at her blog ‘Elfinfun’s Blog‘ where she recants her personal adventures. Even though I’ve only met her once, her personal insights are a bouquet of fresh inspiration for me.

So bear with me friends as I continue to filter the pompous, critical and self-imposed doubts…I’m a work in progress.

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