Tonight, I’m reading an article tonight about the Internet activist group Anonymous and their attack on child porn sites on the Internet.

I’m no expert about what this may mean in the grand scheme and the future of the Internet. However, after watching a trailer for the upcoming documentary “We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists”, it appears that the brand itself could identify themselves as a new crusader in the information age.

As it goes with all technology, new tools create a ying/yang dichotomy.

On the right, some would argue Anonymous violate the law, privacy and several other moral and business taboos. After all, they’ve hacked government websites, corporations and threaten in some cases our own privacy by accessing secure information that can be used for suspicious and at times questionable gain.

On the left though, there’s a Robin Hood ethos that’s a part of the movement too.

In this the connected age, Anonymous could represent a cyber-movement fighting for human rights and morale issues that earns new supporters.

Unfortunately, I’m also aware for those that wield the power for good, there are those who will challenge and disrupt the perception behind the mask.

Certainly something interesting to watch. What do you think about this masked avenger?

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