Following the 2007 Bristol Rhythm and Roots performance, the band Clear morphed into a new group that included Jared Bentley, Lance McCloud and myself. Looking to create a newer sound and compliment some of the songs Jared was writing, we began rehearsals in Elizabethton working with Adam Graybeal who performs with several artists in the area including his father’s band (The Nomads) and Ivy Road. We also attracted Mike Sams – the former drummer with the progressive metal band Blindsight.

We rehearsed for several weeks through out the Spring of 2008 and performed a few gigs at private parties including one of our first performances at Nelson’s Art Gallery in Johnson City.

Adam was having trouble with schedule conflicts and we eventually attracted Lance McCloud – guitarist and music store entreprenuer Lance Williams from Elizabethton. Lance had performed with Jared and was a lifelong friend of Lance McCloud our bassist. He was a great compliment to the band and had a brave enthusiasm, the common sense of of a shaman and a terrific sense of humor.

Over the next several months, Slow Motion Trio would perform all over the Tri-Cities with about 30 dates throughout the year. Venues included The Down Home, Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion, Lakeview Marina, The Blue Plum Festival, Halo, Capones, Kingsport Grocery, Machivellis, O’Mainnans and several other stages in the region.

In the winter of 2009, the band recorded it’s first and only album titled UNO at Lance Williams garage door company in Hampton. The recording was engineered and produced by Jeremiah Nave is a remote recording truck parked outside. The recording featured 10 songs that Jared had written over the past two years and was a good time capsule of the bands work.

We would perform throughout the summer including a session on WETS Studio One, where Dave Carter and Mike Strickland captured the essence of the band at their best.

Following the Bristol Rhythm and Roots Festival in 2010, the band would fall prey to scheduling and rehearsal conflicts and Williams left the band to consider its next steps. At present, Slow Motion Trio gathers to play occasionally, but are preparing a new venture that may include Jared’s wonderfully talented wife Vanessa Bentley as an additional vocalist for the band.

Below are excerpts from various performances of Slow Motion Trio including tracks from the CD UNO, a recording of the WETS live performance and other moments throughout the two year life span of this band.

All songs written by Jared Bentley

Slow Motion Trio
First Recording – UNO
Recorded by Jeremiah Nave

Slow Motion Trio
Demo Recordings from December 2008
Recorded by Jeremiah Nave
– Coming Soon
• Breathe
• Forgive Me
• Wandering Lonely
• Home

Slow Motion Trio
Recorded Live on Studio One
Fall 2009
Forgive Me
The Lucky One
All His Might
I Bent Down

Slow Motion Trio
Live Recordings from Nelsons Art Gallery – December 2007
Recorded by EKS Sound – Keith Smith
– Coming Soon

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