Ahab and The Wailers
Ahab and The Wailers

– Call me Ishmael! No…not really.

Matter of fact, noone ever knew who Ahab was, but Joe Hoskins would have certainly taken the bow and he probably deserved it.

Ahab and The Wailers began and ended in the rented home I moved into in 1990 in Mount Carmel, TN.

I moved into this house with Chris Jones and we were working with Derek Helvey and Bo Bradley writing songs for The Watch. Joe would come over often, party a bit and he always brought his Strat and amp. We would end up playing cover songs and pretty soon we decided we wanted two bands and Ahab was born.

We played several times around Kingsport, but never really got off the ground like we wanted to. The Watch was doing well and we put the band aside.

Sometime after The Watch broke up, Bo and Jo came to me and wanted to put Ahab back together, sort of a Ahab 2.0 reunion and during the winter of 1996/1997, we put together a set list. When we were ready, I booked a job, but Joe couldn’t play because he was performing with someone else and that ended that.

What we were left with was this recording….tunes and a sound never heard before because we never played a gig with the 2.0 version of Ahab and The Wailers, so here you go…The Band;

Bo Bradley- Vocal and Bass
Joe Hoskins – Vocal and Guitar
David Cate – Keyboards
Bart Duncan – Drums

The Wailers- Soul Cages / Sting
Ahab and The Wailers- Let The Good Times Roll/ The Cars
Ahab and The Wailers- Invisible Sun/ Police
Ahab and The Wailers- Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo
Ahab and The Wailers- Broken
Ahab and The Wailers- Some Dave Matthews Song
Ahab and The Wailers- Comfortably Numb/ Pink Floyd
Ahab and The Wailers- Josie/Steely Dan
Ahab and The Wailers- Stone Cold/Rainbow