It doesn’t take long for a unknown artist to become an overnight sensation. The latest entry into viral lore is the New York pop-rock band Atomic Tom.

Just three days ago, this band formed in 2006 became the latest YouTube phenomenon broadcasting their original song “Take Me Out” on the B-Train on a New York subway. Since then, there page views have soared close to one-million views as fans pass along the link to friends on Facebook and just like that – the world is taking notice.

Toss in a great pop song in the same vein of The Killers and Weezer with some iPhone technology and you’ve got a wow-video that’s sure to pave a path for this band’s future success.

If you’ve ever played with any of the new novel apps on the iPhone or iPad, you may be intrigued by the potential, but it’s still a contrived novelty compared to musicians playing real instruments. However, their timing is perfect, because even though some performers have inspired audiences with the new software applications for musicians, this is the first time when the music actually sounds palatable.

The video opens with lead vocalist Luke White playing a subtle piano riff in a crowded subway. He sings into his iPhone while his mates play drums, guitar and bass on similar devices. All of this footage is caught from several iPhone camera angles and is both amateur and inventive.

They may have spent months recording the perfect mix for this single, but I’m certain the viral video will buy them more audience than the hours in the studio.

Here’s the stats so far.

Midnight- Monday, October 18th

YouTube Views- 756,488

Facebook Fans- 26,098 Fans