My good friend and guitarist for Slow Motion Lance Williams worships legendary pickers. Recently, at the 2010 Bristol Rhythm and Roots Festival he was euphoric about catching Dale Watson at O’Mainnans. In fact, he said emphatically, “Dave! You don’t understand…for me, this is just like meeting Jimmy Page!”

I couldn’t help but wonder what he was talking about, so I met up with him for the outdoors show on the patio out back in this popular Bristol night spot. There were about 150 people stacked into the small courtyard covered with sand and it was a real treat.
Watson was a natural blend of texas-style swing, tart guitar solos and kitchy songs about whiskey, tequila, beer and truck driving songs. A sharp-dressed man in a long black coat, turquoise shirt and a silver Elvis Presley pompadour, Watson put on a terrific show that left everybody spellbound.
After the show, Lance was determined to have me take his picture with this new-found idol and we met Dale in the dressing room. After a tall-tale, Lance convinced Dale to pose for a few pictures and here’s the evidence for Lance which I’m sure he’ll hang proudly in his music store in Elizabethton.
Lance Williams and Dale Watson
Lance Williams and Dale Watson outside O'Mainnans in Bristol