I’m completely thrilled that this event has finally come about. On April 10th, make sure you’re at The Down Home early and bring a few cans of food. Slow Motion Trio, These Undowners, Jamen Denton and Wise Old River will perform for one night at the GoTriCities Homegrown Showcase.

This evening has been in the works for several months now with each band working on a brand new CD which will be debuted on this Saturday night in April.

The Down Home is the perfect listening room in East Tennessee to enjoy live local music from these find songwriters. There’s no smoking, no pool tables and years of legendary performances at this legendary stage in Johnson City.

Several weeks ago, we met with Ed Snodderly, singer/songwriter and owner/operator of The Down Home. We were excited to present our idea and was happy to work with him to put together a benefit with Second Harvest Food Bank to support local food banks.

Doors will open at 6pm and showtime is 8.30. Ticket prices for all three bands is $12.00 and all proceeds go to benefit the hungry.

You’ll have a chance to see these new artists up close and personal and buy CD’s at the event.

This is gonna be a great time and we’re working with several outlets to help promote the show for a sellout. Hope to see you there.

Here’s a press release from the show.


Regional musicians support area’s hungry at CD Release Party at The Down Home

JOHNSON CITY, TN – On Saturday, April 10th, The Down Home, GoTriCities.com presents regional artists Slow Motion Trio, These Undowners and Wise Old River in the GoTriCities Homegrown Showcase. Tickets are $12 and proceeds benefit the Second Harvest Food Bank.

The GoTriCities Homegrown Showcase is a regional showcase of original music from East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. In partnership with The Kingsport Times-News and The Johnson City, GoTriCities is a regional entertainment resource in print and online. Artists performing for this evening will be promoting new CDs of local original music.

“At the end of last year, we knew several artists had been working to complete new recordings,” commented David Cate, interactive director for GoTriCities. “It’s amazing how much local talent call our mountains home and we wanted to showcase these artists and there was no better place than the Down Home.”

The Down Home located at 300 West Main Street in Johnson City is a smoke-free environment, and has been since the trend became popular. There are no televisions in The Down Home, nor will you find a pool table or a jukebox. The Down Home exists for one purpose – to create a listening environment for those looking to enjoy the finest music of our region.

Historically, The Down Home was where you may see Doc Watson on a given night or the earliest concerts of Alison Krauss and New Grass Revival just a few years back. The Down Home is legendary to today’s era of bluegrass, Americana, traditional, and progressive artists as one of the finest acoustic settings in the nation.

“GoTriCities is about the best this area has to offer and we wanted to present a night of great music, but we also wanted to make a difference in the community,” said Patrick Savage, marketing director for GoTriCities. “We all love local music, but the idea of bringing together some of the area’s best local talent seemed to be a great opportunity to give back to the community. We’re thrilled to have the level of talent for this night of giving to the Second Harvest Food Bank.

Slow Motion Trio has been described as having a unique sound and flavor that has been hung with many labels. Eclectic is a word that springs forth. As is polished. Original. Roots. Rock. Real. The label the band likes most, or feels encompasses their intentions and fits best, is “Mountain Soul”. An apt and succinct way to describe what you get from this group of well-traveled musicians. There are many parts to this collective, but the thread that holds it together is soul. Not soul music, but a soulful approach to the song.

Jared Bentley is the band’s principal songwriter and one of the region’s distinctive male vocalists with a legacy that threads to Joe Clark’s Remedy, Yukon, Clear and Culture Shock. Jared is backed by longtime collaborator Lance McCloud on bass, David Cate on keyboards, Lance Williams on guitar and Mike Sams – drums. You can listen to the band’s music and catch up with regional performances at http://www.myspace.com/slowmotiontrio

Since forming in the summer of 2008, These Undowners have never been insincere about their musical direction—they’ve just never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Their songs speak of love, loss, good times and bad times—bouncing around the gamut between edgy Americana and folk-infused funk. Although many of their “stories” are true (like Mary’s House, the dramatic under-story behind Lincoln’s assassination, or The Black Hole, the sad tale of a coal-mining boomtown’s collapse), it’s the clever writing and simple wisdom that make them compelling.

The band’s music showcases the songwriting of Clay Prewitt, and the phenomenal flatpicking of Blake Collins. Bassist “Doc” Marshall and Drummer Steven Reese create one of the tightest, most dynamic rhythm sections in the region. Together, the group gives rise to authentic mountain soul—and stories you can move your feet to. To learn more about this great band, go to http://www.myspace.com/clayprewittmusic.

Singer, songwriter, and son, Jamen Denton has played since he was twelve years old in the home basement with his brother Justin (drummer). As they grew up that was their passion. They went through a string of band names and musicians and in 2004 found a really wonderful sound with a talented group of musicians which they called Virginia Ground. Virginia Ground disbanded, but Jamen found himself an artist again with the help of his parents, who created with him Wise Old River.

From Wise Old River’s website (http://www.myspace.com/wiseoldriver), there is this description of their music:

“The songs we want to share are about the human condition, human experience, times of need, times of pain, times of being lost and times of being found, our searching, and finding hope, grace and truth and our times of spiritual growth. We sing about it all. Our desire is for our music to be stripped down organic, earthy, wires, wood and vibrations from our souls.”

Cate describes the night further, “These three acts look to make the night memorable, and the Down Home will certainly lend to the equation. Serving a great organization like the Second Harvest Food Bank makes it more than worthy of your attendance.”

The Food Bank is a non-profit organization serving the eight counties in Northeast Tennessee with emergency food for distribution. The mission of Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee is to feed the hungry by securing and distributing food and grocery products to non-profit agencies that provide services to the needy, ill and elderly in the eight-county region of Northeast Tennessee. Approximately 200 agencies distributed food to an average of 31,000 people each month during 2009. To find out more, visit them on the web at http://www.netfoodbank.org.

For more information about the GoTriCities Homegrown Showcase visit http://www.gotricities.com