Unfortunately, it’s not always the glamorous news stories that bring attention to our hometown here in Kingsport. In fact, like most viral Internet stories, it’s the sensational or stupid stories that seem to attract the most attention

In the past we’ve caught attention for a variety of stories that were laughable and hardly glamorous here at Times-News.

Last week, we logged another “Dubious Achievement Award” for Kingsport, Tennessee and our tech folks saw plenty of traffic on a news story involving a shoplifter who bit a Walmart employee.

We first started to see Kingsport pop-up in the Twitter Universe with headlines from a parody website that reports on “Zombie activity” across the nation.

Did you know Kingsport was under an amber alert this past week too as the Zombie Nation caught wind of the headline?

I was surprised too when I heard popular late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon refer to the story too in his Monday night monologue on NBC. Fortunately, he left out the town’s name, but he did reference the story.

Fallons comments are here at the 4.00 time marker.

He states…”In Tennessee, A Walmart employee was bitten while trying to fend off a shoplifter. Fortunately, since it was a Walmart employee, there were no teeth involved.”

We must be thankful for the small things I presume and like they say – Any press is good press – or is it?