41fgqtgebnl_sx160_The title is a bit campy, but the content is rich. When I first picked this up at the bookstore, a couple of 20somethings pointed a the title and giggled a bit.

That’s probably the first impression of most, but don’t be mislead, Jeff Jarvis has written a timely book for the new economy. Within its pages (yes – he did publish a printed work) you’ll find a candid and bold statement about disruptive media trends and a prophecy for everyone from advertising agencies, real estate companies, newspapers and others.

Jarvis is an refreshing, informed author, academic journalist who’s paid his dues in print and although he’s probably tough pill for most newspaper execs, he’s the right medicine for the times.

In “What Would Google Do,” Jarvis takes aim at many traditional business sectors and re-imagines their future under the terms that Google is founded upon. Transparency, usability, speed and audience are examined in a powerful book that is a must-read for anyone focused on a career in the media of the future.