Last Monday night, we pulled an all-nighter almost…

Tucked back in the forests near Elizabethton, Lance Williams family business is an excellent place for the band to rehearse. Over the past several months, we had talked to local recording engineer and musician Jeremiah Nave about the possibility of tracking a few original songs with him and his mobile studio.

It’s was 4am when I left the hideaway on Okolona Road, but we’re starting the year with four new original recordings. These new sounds are five of several new songs on the way and include material written by Jared Bentley along with the backup from band.

The new tunes include;
1. Breathe
2. Forgive Me
3. Here I Stand
4. Wandering Lonely
5. This is Not A Love Song

Jeremiah has transformed a large Chevy van into a mobile studio and produces both live concert and video productions all across the Southeast. The truck has been customized and includes a mixing console that came ouf Abbey Road studios in the rear and Jeremiah has a cool setup. He drives the truck to your location, rolls out a large network of cables, a video camera and runs those connections to your room and mixes the sound in the truck with talkback provided by a video setup that’s quite a sight.

These new tunes are several songs we have been performing around the Tri-Cities and it’s fun to finally get these in a pro-format. Sure, the mix is till a little rough and we plan on adding/replacing several of the tracks, but I’m happy with what we’ve got so far.

I arrived at Lances sometime around dark and brought out the Hammond, The Roland, The Nord and the Leslie cabinet and Jeremiah did a great job getting that sounding as beefy as can be. I brought a couple of bottles of red wine and we poured a few glasses while we finished setting up the microphones to record Sams drums, Lances’s bass and the guitar rig from Lance Williams.

For the most part, we recorded all of the tracks live and Lance McCloud and Mike Sams did a great job laying down a good rhythm track. We spent very little time overdubbing through the night and came out with a collection of songs that augments Jared’s voice and his original music. Some of the songs sound a bit country and you might even hear a steel guitar here and there, but it’s a great beginning.

So download all you want. We’re still going to work on a few more songs and continue to shape these new tunes up and we’ll be back on the stage January 9th at Halo in Johnson City, so come see us and request the new music.