Good news. We’re still here!

The Hadron Collider flashed a blip of light today. Google modified their home page and we’re moving forward into tomorrow with business as usual.

Had a pretty good birthday too. Although I really abhor the additional year to my age, there was plenty of booty and well wishes from the day – despite my bad attitude. I do have good friends to be thankful for and knowing this – I’m fortunate.

A bottle of Bowmore Single Malt Scotch – Class act Matthew
2 Fine Cigars from Jared – A bad habit resumes
Lunch at Guiseppes with Lora, Rhonda and Dan – Love ya girls – Thanks for the Cabo Wabo LT!
2 Tickets to See Todd Rundgren from my staff – Touching indeed
$50 Gift Certificate at Crazy Tomato from Mom – Always at the top of my list
Dinner Friday with Stricklers and Bettini’s – Thanks for the rain check

Plenty of well wishes from friends including…
Annette and Charles Tinnin – Right after midnight
Uncle Ron – Love ya Rat
Derek Helvey – Hadn’t heard from you in eons
Jan from Sloopys – The sweetest
Nicole Sikora Heschong – It’s great being a Super Hero
Di – Thanks for remembering me
Alan Sieg – He shares my appreciation that we didn’t get swallowed up by a black hole
Al Cate – Capital letters still persist, but I guess it’s appropriate for a birthday
Stephanie, Paula and Norm – Will wishes from Facebook

Other than all that and even though I was still in a bad mood (birthday’s still don’t thrill me), I had a pretty good day with other folks.

Spent time with John and Angela Vachon exploring their efforts and looking at new office space in Downtown Kingsport.

Recorded a new podcast with Leah Ross and Jared Bentley about Rhythm and Roots Festival coming up next week.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words today and I’m glad we’re still walking on this gorgeous planet.