Jared, Vanessa and Adalaine Bentley

This past week, our guys finished editing round two of the TriCityWheels.com commercials.

At the first shoot, we made a few mistakes. Most notably, we didn’t take any high-rez pictures during the shoot and that made it difficult for us to translate this program to outdoor and print advertising.

A couple of weeks ago, Paul Bishop was once again a real gentleman downtown and he let us borrow his photography studio once again. We brought down a new cast of characters and had fun in front of the video cameras, the lights and yes…the photos.

Personally, I had a great time and fell in love with light. What I mean by that is the way a real studio and a great lighting rig makes a huge difference in our work. Paul had a remote flash that attached to the front of my Nikon that gave me some of the best photos to ever come from my Nikon D-80.

Above is the photo of the Bentley family. Vanessa and baby Adalaine Bentley. A gorgeous shot of this beautiful new family. You can see all the photos here.

Special thanks to the following folks who helped create our new commercials too. These new billboards will look great as they begin to appear August 1 in the Tri-Cities.

Here are the new spots featuring Kyra Dykstra and Lyndsey with the Kingsport Chamber and our champ Mark Fusco and Vanessa. Thanks to everyone for a truly professional and creative experience.

Lyndsey and Vanessa

Kyra and Mark