That’s right. I was laughing all over my keyboard too.

On July 4th, Mom had a serious look on her face over the dinner table.

She said, “Your brother told me about somewhere on the Net where it said you preferred men.”

After my initial “WTF” mind freeze, I quickly answered, because if anyone knows me, my mother surely does. We’ve been extra-close for 45 years and it really puzzled me why she would ask such a thing.

Well, the story has finally unfolded and the audience on Facebook now see that I have officially changed my sexuality. Attention Facebook citizens – I’m straight! Always have been.Over the years, my work/play has cultured a volume of content on the Internet. From newspaper websites, forums, blogs, social networking sites and other electronic systems, there’s a big footprint out there.

I explained to her the fact there’s a potential for anything on the web and more important is the realization that I don’t have time to look anymore.

After all, you surely can’t believe everything you read…especially on the Internet. You still have to practice even the most basic journalistic research and verify the source when you see something on your screen.

Nevertheless, I tried not to worry about it too much. The thoughts about my brother and his family questioning my sexuality was a bit obtuse, but without much to draw from, it’s common for people to make up their own truths.

Earlier today though, I finally connected the dots.

Before I get to the source, I’ll admit being an Internet junkie.

Most who know me clearly understand where the greatest part of my time is spent. And when it comes to Internet social networks, there’s very few that I haven’t visited and plenty out there with my name on them.

From Myspace, You Tube, Facebook, Times-News, Amazon, Magnify, Google, Twitter, Ebay, The Buzz, Shelfari, Second Life, Classmates and Wine Cellar account..I’ve got a lot to keep up with.

Upon registering on these sites, it never occurred to me to be picky about the details because I’m an explorer with a short attention span. I don’t spend a whole lot of time at any one place at all.

Mom called tonight and said..”Facebook.”

She had no idea what it was, but evidently, she’s uncovered the impetus for this crazy story. Got me to thinking too, so I logged on to Facebook and re-examined all of my profile pages.

Sure enough, under my profile, there was one radio button broadcasting my picture with the statement “Interested in: Men | Women” with the men button selected.

There’s no words to describe the silly feeling that came over me. Living alone and laughing out loud is the closet thing to relate the comedy of the moment.

So – for the record. I am straight. Always have been and don’t have any intention of changing courses.

My Facebook profile now presents the truth my family and friends should already know. If only we could measure the tendrils of gossip that extend to the far corners on the planet as the result of this oversight.

The morale once again is “no big deal.”

It was curious to me why every time a logged on to Facebook (which was a pitiful monthly – maybe – effort) they kept dishing up “Gay Roomie” banner ads.

Oh well. Glad the truth is out of the closet. Gotta watch those Internet profiles folks and here’s a lesson for you – be careful with those buttons!
That’s right. I was laughing all over my keyboard too.

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