I can’t think of a better day to launch a new website for Mike Faulk.

Mike’s a great client and a good friend and one of the few politicians and lawyers who has my complete respect and admiration. Today, we launched his new website and since he’s gonna be so busy today with politics, it seemed appropriate to wish him well.

Three years ago, he shared with me his vision for the future. Specifically, we discussed his law firm as he began to focus on a specialized area of law referred to as “Dram Shop” law.

This is a unique Tennessee law that permits victims of drunk drivers to seek damages from not just the driver, but the business establishments that serve alcohol to people who’ve simply had too much.

This new website is a redefinition of that specialty and serves as a stable business platform that will continue to serve Mike as he works toward a bright new political career in Tennessee.

When Mike outlined his future in law and politics and law many years ago, it surprised me to hear such distinct goals. He inspired me, because It was surprising for me to hear anyone look out into their future with that much intent, but everything he told me – is true today.

Faulk LawFaulk is running for State Senate in the 4th district of Tennessee which include  Claiborne, Grainger, Hancock, Hawkins, Jefferson, and Union counties. He describes himself as a “country lawyer” and although he certainly knows how to wear a pair of overalls and warm up to anyone in a pickup truck, Faulk is a determined businessman with a heart for public service.

The guys in our office usually scoff at any Republican candidate and at best, many would describe my staff as uber-liberal, but not Mike. Everyone has a great feeling about Mike. He has a presence, patience and spirit that makes me feel priviledged to know him. He’s a handsome man who tells great family stories, loves the outdoors and a true native son of East Tennessee.

He’s got a busy road ahead and yesterday we were looking over the final elements in his website and I asked him about his July 4th schedule. It’s a doozy too and probably typical for a successful politican in Tennessee. He said he had three parades, four barbecues, plenty of hand-shaking, baby kissing and everything you might expect here in the Mountain South.

Good luck Mike and Happy 4th! Glad to know people like you have a heart to serve.

Click more to see Mike’s announcement we videotaped in Rogersville earlier in the year.