Two Wolves I lost count about 100, but did you know that on any given day, over 50,000 thoughts pass through your mind?

That’s what some researchers say.

No wonder we’re so confused. How could anyone make sense out of the autonomic flow of delusions, doubts, fears and bliss that pile up on the mental scales each day?

Perhaps we should all be happy with auto-pilot, but I’ve been thinking it’s much more enjoyable to master some control of our thinking providing a boost when we’re down and standing firm on time for yourself to recharge the noodle.

I came across an interesting story this week and not sure where the legend began, but in his latest book, “The 5 Secrets You Must Learn Before You Die,” author John Izzo, Phd., tells the story of a Native American warrior who shares with his son the story of two wolves.

Sometimes I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart,” said the old man. “One wolf is vengeful, angry, and violent. The other wolf is loving and compassionate.” The grandson asked, “Which wolf will win the fight, grandfather?” The old man answered: “The one I feed.”

When you think about it (which you do – many times a day), we have lots of choices to make as we lasso our thoughts each day. Perhaps we can learn something from this old tale and seek to starve off the wolf who stands in the way of what we seek otherwise.