It wasn’t long ago that my response to eating sushi was like most people. For some reason, I couldn’t past the notion of eating raw fish. That was until I tried the new Edo’s Sushi Bar on West Stone Drive in Kingsport.

Eating anything raw just didn’t sound very appetizing, but I knew I liked tuna and salmon so when we tried a fresh tuna roll at Edo’s it wasn’t bad. In fact, it was one of the most unique flavors across my palate in some time and since then, our friends have been sampling different types of sushi and looking forward to the adventure every place I go.

We love Edo’s. We’ve sampled “Half-Price” sushi at Stir Frye in Johnson City and a few weeks ago, we ducked into a quaint sushi bar in Asheville for a great treat before the Galactic concert. My list of favorites now include a Dynamite Roll, Spider Roll, Big Roll, California Roll, Rainbow Roll and the list continues to grow and all thanks to Edo’s.

We like Edo’s sushi bar so well that one day during the podcast, Tom Bettini told me that the sushi chef could levitate. Amused by this information, we decided to dig a little deeper into Kingsport’s only true sushi bar the story of Benson and his brother Casia.

These two brothers started Edo’s a few years back in an old Waffle House location in Colonial Heights near Perkins. They are originally from Taiwan, but their expertise in sushi led our guys to work with them on a new video now online at GoTriCities called ‘Sushi 101 and the Levitating Sushi Chef‘ and it looks great!

Sushi is originally from Japan and was a method used to preserve fish. Even though the Edo brothers are from another Asian country they do a great job with sushi and if you’ve never taken a walk on the wild side – Edo’s is a good place to start your sushi exploration. The video itself is a great primer for the true virgins too.

There are plenty of different types of sushi on the menu at Edo’s as well as many American entrees, but if your taste buds are looking for a little excitement, put Edo’s on your list and yes – they do have a levitating sushi chef.

One of the special things about sushi is the way you eat the gorgeous delicacies. I like to bath my sushi in a small dish of soy sauce and treat the roll to a generous portion of pickled ginger and lime green wasabi which is a spicy condiment that is a quick hot rush to your taste buds and sinus cavities. If you like hot spices, you’ll love the wasabi too which is a condiment like horseradish which is ground into a paste and served on a side dish with a color much like that of an electric neon green sign. One of the chefs at Edo’s has a bright green pickup truck of the same color.

This favorite new restaurant also serves steaks, seafood and several import and domestic beers and they have one of my favorite dishes during lunch called a chicken bowl – an Asian delight with grilled chicken, a brown sauce with curry served over a bed of delicate fried rice.

SapparoEdo’s Sushi Bar is located at the corner of Interstate 26 and Stone Drive in the old Hungry Farmer Restaurant and is one of Kingsport’s exciting new restaurants. We had a great time working with the brothers on the new Edo’s video too and can’t wait to go back with a fresh set of chopsticks and dive into another plate of sushi with a cold glass of Sappiro.