I imagine it would be hard to describe the feeling to see your son on the same nomination ballot. A life of extraordinary work echoed in the bright future of your own legacy. That’s why I’m proud of Keith and Kevin.

Later this evening the winners of the 2007 Suncoast Emmy Awards will name this year’s winners and both Keith and his son are on the ballot.

Keith and his family have been on the ladder since they left Kingsport some twenty years ago. They still like to call East Tennessee home, but they have certainly been blessed with a fine family with extraordinary experiences. Good luck guys. Can’t wait to hear the story. I’m a proud brother/uncle!

Suncoast Emmy

FACT FINDER: Light Rail Parts I, II, III
Keith Cate, Michael Egger
WFLA-TV, Tampa, FL

Public/Current/Community Affairs – Special
Keith Cate, Peter E. Masa
WFLA-TV, Tampa, FL

“The Fifth Guy” Campaign – Florida Department of Health
Peter Mitchell, Terry Stavoe, Tait Martin, Joe Rupp
Ben Spring, Kevin Cate, Wendy Riemann, April Herrle
Marketing for Change, Inc., Tallahassee, FL