Earlier in the week, Mark Ray one of our designers at GoTriCities finished a couple of new cartoons and caricatures for the Buzzcutz Podcast Crew with Tom, myself and Jared (far right) in this new graphic which we will be promoting in our newspaper ads and other marketing materials for the new show. I love Tom’s sneer and Jared never looked better. I dig my oblivious, but triumphant image.

Earlier in the year, the Simpsons Movie had an online promotion where you could create your “Simpsons” cartoon and here’s what they came up with for me.

The new Buzzcutz Podcast is on Itunes now and you can subscribe to the weekly programming for free by clicking this link.

If you don’t have Itunes and just want to download the show in an Mp3 format, click here to download the file.

We just finished our third podcast with a live interview from a local metal band called ‘If Looks Could Kill.” Originally from Bristol, this band recently signed a record contract with Harlot Records and are getting ready for a long tour.

We’ve got plenty of new shows planned for the coming week too and we should some continued growth from this show. It’s a bit risque and in-your-face, but Buzzcutz is a distinct niche product and we’re delighted to be a part of the show. I’m having a great time with my buds promoting local music and we have more fun each week we do the show. What the blog for regular updates.

Here’s another option for the graphic. Mark called this one…”Hosts in Black.”

Host in Black Two

More to come.

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