Buzzcutz MouthLast week, I was surprised to discover our first podcast on was more than two years ago. I remember reading all the details about RSS feeds and podcasting in July of 2005. It wasn’t long after that we were connecting the cords, the microphones and turning the knobs and keystrokes to present Amaranth Signal at our offices in Kingsport. Soon after that, Cattleaxe let us record the second podcast before their live performance at The Woodstone Deli.
Truth is. After the second podcast, I realized it was gonna be a chore to produce a weekly podcast on my own, so our early ventures soon could be described as “podfading” – here today and gone tomorrow. But I’m glad we’re doing it again and this time …with reinforcements.

Introducing “Buzzcutz” now on Itunes – Click for free subscription.Our business has been great over the past several months and we have plenty of new projects on the board. Our podcasting efforts are back in play too. The technology is easier than ever before and we’ve got some new talent helping with the production. I’m excited too because podcasting always appealed to me since one of my favorite jobs was a disc jockey back in the mid-eighties at WQUT. You could say I’ve always had a soft spot for radio and podcasting offers a unique new perspective on audio via the Internet.

One of the catalysts for this new effort is Jared Bentley. The I met Jared performing with Clear and was always aware of talent in front of the microphone. He became interested in our business recently and we have recently hired him at GoTriCities in the role of Assistant Project Manager in charge of R&D and several database programs. One of Jared’s new roles with our company is the host of “Buzzcutz” = a few subscription-based podcast featuring news, music, events and commentary about the local music community here in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

GoTriCities has also focused our attention on the local music scene and when The Buzz music forum began some seven years ago, we immediately began to see all of the great stories that turn up in the Tri-Cities music scene. Today those tales and some of the characters on The Buzz take off into new territory again with the first episode of “Buzzcutz.” Along with Jared, GoTriCities also introduces Kingsport native Tom Bettini who joins our group as co-host. Tom’s stories and his experiences on the road with platinum recording artist Jackyl will add a new energy to our conversations. He’s known for some of the most extreme stories and opinions and simply I can’t wait to work with him. Tom’s career as bassist for Jackyl and his current work with Citizen Kane and Ablazing Grace earns him plenty of adventure that will certainly generate interesting and unpredictable conversations
It should be great fun too working with the guys each week to produce a new podcast at our offices in Kingsport and other remote locations. We recorded the first episode last week and that 51 minutes of time is available now via Itunes and we’re rolling out completely across our network in the next few days. Using your RSS reader or Itunes, you can keep up with the details as each week, we’ll cover local music news and rumors around town and we’ll also interview weekly guests on our new show. You’ll also hear some of the latest original recordings from local bands and our picks of the week for live music in the region.

We’re planning on several special events and contests and have no doubt this new show will create a unique lense for the soundscape in our region. We hope to continue to promote local music with a new level of media and enthusiasm that will deliver insight and perspective about this very special homegrown music culture here in the mountains of Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

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We hope you enjoy this new weekly feature at GoTriCities. We plan to produce a new show each Wednesday and have a fresh show ready to serve on Thursday. If you have suggestions and ideas about the program, we would love to hear from you and you can contact us at

Please enjoy.