Whew! What a summer!

I’m catching up on lots of memories and transitions here at a crossroads at the end of the Summer of 2007 and what an era. There was plenty of entertainment, lots of learning and a series of changes that set the stage for an interesting final quarter.

A few weeks ago, I turned 45 years old. Born September 10th, 1962, the first born of Alvin and Sue Cate, my birthdays usually culminate with a trip to watch the sunset on Roan Mountain. This year, it was the final sunset of my 44th year. It was a Sunday, the weather was gorgeous and my best of friends joined me once again for the pilgrimage – and I have photos. Of course.

Danny, Tracy, Evan and Brooke took time to break away from the weekend to drive to our 6000 foot perch and watch as the sunset in the land of a thousand mountains and these moments find their place here at my virtual archive.

Of course, it’s a bit of overkill as we also brought the video camera, two cameras, a few cold beers and several cigars, but it was worth it and looking back, I’ve got plenty to be thankful for – most important – the time to watch the day slowing fade into a sea of deep blue and violet. The sun – burning into a sea of cool and surprisingly calm breezes.

See you next year.