It’s been several weeks since I got my new iPhone and Ted Como mentioned me in Times News Article. I remember the day he called to read his critique of the new cell phone from Apple hyped around the world. I had a hard time listening to his criticism as his laughter gurgled on the phone, but when he finished, I paused and told him…”I’ll let you hold it.”

Sure enough, a few minutes later, Ted was fascinated by the screen and the user interface. That didn’t change his mind – his article still published with a good dose of scrutiny and mild sarcasm, but Ted missed the point. He argues in his column that he already has a cell phone, a camera, an Internet connection, an Mp3 player and a television. What he didn’t connect with was that way Apple has created a device that includes so many things in your pocket and every thing works…as advertised.
It really is phenomenal and although I’m certain we’ll have something new to marvel in another six months, this phone is the most fascinating device I’ve ever seen and probably one of the easiest tools for my personal communication and professional tech career. My 89-year-old Granny thinks it’s magic and when I used my phone to take her picture, that’s easy to understand.

Mac/PCTed Como is at the top of my list of most respected professionals. He’s a great thinker, editor and has inspiring character, but there’s one thing certain, he’s “the PC guy and I’m a Mac.” I was 13th in line the day the came out and happy to be pegged as an “early adopter.”

Sure. It’s an expensive phone. Absolutely. There are other digital devices that do similar things, but they simply do not deliver the form and function the iPhone displays and it surely will be a disruption for the industry. The screen itself is fascinating and now it looks like Microsoft is following up with a form of surface computing that will change my coffee table forever (click here for new surface computing).

Nevertheless, I’m a big fan of this new phone and it’s changed my life so I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate my second month with my iPhone by publishing my rants and raves about the new phone.


1. The stylish interface and sleek product design.
– I’ve never experienced a handheld device so comfortable and elegant with its product design. This little phone is a show stopper and few people can ignore the eye-candy this little phone displays when its lit up in your hand.

2. The amazing surface technology on screen and the user interface.
– The iPhone intentionally comes without a manual. It’s that easy.

3. My book reading has been amplified
– My favorite mental upgrade is the website. From here, I downloaded two books in the past two weeks, finished them up and ready to gobble up another. The phone works like an iPhone playing Podcasts in your ear buds and when you get a phone call, the audio fades, you answer the call and when you hang up the book or audio starts playing again seamlessly.

4. The camera is terrific!

– This little camera takes a fantastic photograph and I’ve used it for newspaper and web projects without any notice. See above.

5. Email is easier than ever before
– I like the feature, but try to keep email to a minimum on the phone. My personal account is the only one I download because my work load is too big. However, the interface makes reading mail much easier than the Treo.

6. I love watching TV on the iPhone
– I thought it would never happen, but I purchased two TV show subscriptions for the iPhone and the screen resolution and size makes watching a program on your iPhone completely enjoyable. It’s especially handy if you have to wait. Now I have the Colbert Report and the Daily Show – all episodes with no commercials.

7. Apple’s Customer Service
– My switch to the iPhone wasn’t perfect, but Apple’s Customer Service was way over the top with customer service. From the phone support to email communication, every word, every character and every word was perfectly crafted. A note on the Apple Support Forum ushered a swift phone call to the office one morning and an Apple rep ready to help me with an overnight replacement for my new phone after a problem with the touch screen.


1. More memory
– Isn’t it surprising how fast you can run through 8gb these days

2. A better battery

– The industry is continuing to rant about this and although I recharge mine every night, Apple may have a problem if they solve this one.

3. A way to multi-delete emails.

– At the moment you can only delete one at a time and that’s cumbersome.

4. Cooler cases
– A few people are decorating their phones with decals, but I’d like to have a better looking case which I haven’t found.

– A big bully to go after Sprint for their arrogant billing and cancellation fees. I will never do business with this company again. Bought a Treo with no contract, paid more for the luxury of no contract and was charged a disconnect fee despite extra cash and intent.