If I were a Simpson character, this is the character you would see outside the “Kwik-E-Mart” in Springfield – at least according to Simpsonizeme.com.

Simpson Dave

This is a new website and brilliant marketing ploy by Burger King and the designers/programmers who have designed this new viral web destination. All you have to do is upload a close-up digital picture in a jpg or gif format, select a few Simpson characteristics and presto! You’re a Simpson cartoon character.

This site is many times offline because of the number of visitors flooding the site and it took me several times. Eventually though, I finally got around to it and I’m thinking my comic character trumps my real world avatar. It’s pretty cool though.

Caught The Simpsons Movie too this weekend. The Stricklers invited me to the opening night at Fort Henry Mall. I hadn’t been to the theatre in quite some time and Carson Waugh drove us into the parking lot a few moments before the show. By the time we got inside, the place was full and the only place to accommodate our entire group was the front row, so I got a wall of Simpsons three stories tall, or so it seemed.

Tracy wanted us all to sit together so we could laugh together. You see, the Simpsons are usually on their tele during dinner, every night and I’m still completely surprised they haven’t seen every episode. My fascination with The Simpsons is highly influenced by their love of this cartoon now in it’s 18th year and the Simpsons video game imprinted me with my own curiosity and affection toward this movie.

The movie was great too. Not alot of the great characters that make up this pantheon of characters, but plenty of slick, engaging humor. I was surprised when the movie ended, thinking it was short, but at 90 minutes, it’s surprisingly entertaining. Must have been the same scenario across the country too as the Simpson’s Movie garned $70 million. I won’t spoil the movie with a description, but Maggie’s first word – “sequel.” Now if I could just the hooky “Spider Pig” song out of my mind.

There was plenty of Simpson’s buzz over the weekend too and to cap it off, this appearance of Matt Groening on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Great stuff here as he discusses a tiff with Fox News.