iPhoneAcross the country, loyal Apple users are still waiting to use their new iphones, despite the fact some of them waited for hours in long lines just to get their hands on the most anticipated new phone on the market.

Sure, we expect glitches, but not like this one. Evidently someone bungled the activation process and a lot of people who bought phones Friday simply can’t use them while waiting for ATT to activate their accounts. Sure, patience is a virtue, but the geeks that bought these phones had no idea they would have to wait to use them, otherwise they would have waited themselves.

I’ve run into the same problem as hundreds of people here on Apples support forums.


Evidently, there is a glitch in the activation process and I’m curious if Apple will ignore this issue like ATT and simply sweep it under the table. I’d love to think they would recognize their errors, but so far, nothing but heated banner and frustrated customers. Maybe this will work its way out tomorrow.

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