As if I was anxious enough about my new Iphone coming in June (hopefully), Apple is getting ready to roll out a must-have product that merges into the daisy-chain of “i-products.” This past week, Apple began advertising their new hardware called (you guessed it) “i-TV” and along with Jack Black, the producers have done a good job capturing the concept in 29 seconds.

Apple’s i-TV is a natural progression that integrate media content from your computer, your ipod and syncs with your television via a wireless connection. If you’ve got a Mac or Ipod, you can sync all your photos, your music and now video content. It’s a cool idea and right for the times. Sharing media has been difficult here in the baby years of personal computing and the folks at the New York Times have done a nice video illustrating some of the trouble, along with a few interesting comments about this product in relation to other alternatives.

My only gripe about the current offering is HDTV. First, you have to have an HDTV to use the hardware, but it will not play hi-def content at this time. I’ve become so attached to High-Def, that if Apple doesn’t address that shift, then I’ll be bored by the current offering. Besides, how do you watch small movies delivered for an Ipod to a 57 inch LCD without it looking like a newspaper photo a nose-length?

Whatever the case, I’ve got to rent that movie on the commercial – School of Rock!

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