Of all the movies I’ve watched over the years, one of the most memorable images for me is the scene in Star Wars when Luke Skywalker looks out across the sunset to watch a double-sunset from his home planet – Tattoine.

It’s no secret that sunsets are one of my favorite things. Probably because I have a hard time getting up for sunrise, but who can’t help but appreciate the cycle of orange, red, purple and black that gives away to the timeless radiance of stars that shine their light – each one sending that message millions of years ago.

This past week, astronomers have cited what is really no suprise – it’s likely there are many solar systems that experience the double-sunset or maybe more. Not that there are any beings to watch, but let’s hope so.

In other astronomy news this week, it’s good to know that there was an asteroid passed by the Earth this past Friday. This one a little more than a mile in size was nine times further out than our own moon, so we escape extinction again and hopefully will continue to watch them pass by.