ClearWhat follows is a collection of recordings from the CLEAR project that began in the summer of 2006. Jared Bentley, Lance McCloud, Willie Simpson and Greg Smith invited me to be a part of their band as the regrouped after 10 years.

We began rehearsals in downtown Elizabethton, resurrecting several original songs recorded by the original band, Jared’s prior band Yukon and several experimental covers. After a handful of nights, we played our first show near July 4th in a field somewhere near Bristol, VA and have been working the band at several favorite venues in the region.

Below is a discography of this band featuring live recordings from our performances. These samples are recorded directly from the mixing console on to small digital recorders and immediately processed into Mp3s and available to download and will play on most any digital player.

LIVE RECORDINGS – State Line Bar and Grill
Saturday, December 30, 2006
Archos Recorder

I Bent Down
Forgive Me
Day Dream
Livin’ In The City
The Day Brings
Death of Me
In The Meantime/City of Tiny Lights
Plain Man
Porch Song
Sunday Morning
Mountains Win Again

LIVE RECORDINGS – Damascus Old Mill – Damascus, VA
Saturday, December 9, 2006 – Soon
Roland Recorder

LIVE RECORDINGS – Bill-Palooza – Bristol, VA
Saturday, July 4th, 2006 – Soon