My friend Keith Smith is an electric and creative soul that goes way back in my time on this planet. He and my brother were on stage in high school and had some of the best chemistry of two people that I’ve ever seen on stage. Over the years, we’ve all kept in touch and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Keith on a number of projects from his studio in the old Dairy Barn or live sound performances. He’s truly one of the best too. His stages at Rhythm and Roots this past year were by far the best audio productions I heard all weekend.

I think he’s found a new calling though…and who knows where this will lead, but it will be interesting to watch this project blossom. I love the concept. It may be a bit too strong for some folks out there who read my blog, but nevertheless, I give it a standing applause for originality and hope it continues to deliver more. I’ve posted in several locations and look forward to watching the traffic grow for the “Art Critic.” Bravo Keith!