Just caught wind of a new website here in the Tri-Cities that seeks to sell pixels much like The Million Dollar Home page that was recently a part of the blogsphere.

Now if you haven’t seen this page, I want to warn you especially if you’re prone to epileptic seizures, but the premise is this. Sell pixels on your home page to sponsors, gravitate some attention (it was easy the first time) and make a bunch of cash with the novelty.

You can take a look at the one million dollar home page that made its way into Net history. Here’s a link to the Ebay auction that netted this guy $38k for the final pixels. Surely this is a fad that’s not likely to go anywhere else after the novelty wears off, but I imagine what this would be like if it was a puzzle with some merit?

The Tri-Cities site is obviously a copycat, but who knows – people seem to be interested in eyeballs. My only gripe about the million dollar home page is the fact I could never see the site after the hype. The download times were atrocious and if I were an advertiser, I’d either have to have lots of cash to throw around for novelty or would be extremely disappointed in my compulsive spending.

You be the judge as to whether Anthony deserves a million bucks for an ‘original’ idea.