If you haven’t visited Second Life, you owe yourself a few moments to take a unique journey on an intriguing new game concept where the people that pay a lifetime resident fee can participate and build a virtual world full of social experiences, buildings, places and who knows?

I saw this pop up on several blogs and scoffed at first at the $9.95 experience, but one of our guys at the office joined the environment and what we experienced was worth the $10 journey. Then again, it may be a waste of time and money, but I’ve always been interested in creating a immersive 3d experience and what better way than to participate in a forum like this.

You download the software for Windows or Mac and fill out an application. The $9.95 lifetime resident fee is evidently only a portion of what you could invest in. This game/experience is selling land, acreage, buildings and products and services, so the concept holds lots of potential for the future.

I decided to roam as Novalis Vantongerloo. I don’t know. Novalis is a German Poet and Vantongerloo just had a nice rhythm. Seems interesting…..